The Statesman Media  is a full-service Audio Visual Services provider for corporate events and conferences, concerts, and live television productions that is based Nairobi and services the East Africa region.

Our Audio Visual Services range from audio, video, lighting and staging solutions for all sorts of live events, we also posses webcasting and video streaming capabilities.

We have have worked in hotel ballrooms, convention centers, concert halls, tents, warehouses, office building foyers, and any other place you can put a speaker, stage, or flat screen. We are able to transform any space, as well as provide bespoke solutions to fit a wide degree of budgets and needs

We start by working with you to determine the Audio Visual requirements that you may need for your event, this may among others include complex video productions, lights and graphics cues and professional quality entertainment.

Our professional team comprising of experts in logistics, technical equipment, and live event production take over and execute your Audio Visual needs to meet your objectives, while providing a special balance of experience, flexibility and temperament.

For every event our objective is to keep everything running smoothly so that you focus on the actual message without worrying about its delivery.

“At The Statesman Media we KNOW how to deliver SUCCESS you HEAR and results you SEE.”