The Statesman Media provides quality video production services. Our production service are fast, flexible and reliable. After recording the videos, we work with you/client to understand ways you can maximise the results.

We produce T.V productions (Commercials, documentaries, short
feature films)


Our goal is to help you succeed with your video. When you contact us, our team takes time to understand your goals and what you are looking to achieve. Production usually requires three stages; Planning, Filming and Editing. We have a transparent video production process that puts our clients first to ensure that your video experience is easy and stress-free.


To Engage with your customers and audience

Video is a very powerful tool of communication. Use videos to let your customers and potential learn more about your brand.It communicates your brand culture and values.You can make videos for corporate campaigns, brand awareness, hiring and giving investor updates. Videos can also be used internally for training within your team and organisation. People respond better to video than any other medium, take advantage and use video to communicate your brand strategies.

Easy video collaborations and reviews

Our video editing process is simple and transparent. We use a video collaboration software called to collaborate with you during the video editing stage. You are able to communicate with the video editor during the process, provide live feedback to the editor saving a lot of time for you and the process. Faster than any other provider in the industry, we deliver videos after 7 working days after filming and production.


Your  business needs to succeed with video marketing.

For you to succeed with your videos, you will need to understand:

1) What you want to achieve and how videos can help you achieve this goal

 2) How to create effective videos and how they relate with your brand 

3) Understanding your audience and knowing the best ways to reach them to pass your message across.

We have compiled a step by step that will help you guide and help you create videos that meet your desired video marketing goals.

You will need to Prepare the platforms where you will send traffic.

  • Website Design

Take advantage of opportunities that come with having a website. When you have a website, it is easy for people to find and trust you. Customers will refer to your website to learn details about your business and what you offer. When doing video ads, you will also need your website to track conversions and visitors behaviour.

  • Social Media Presence

Social Media is the place where you can build your brand. You can win as the go to  brand for your niche depending on the content you post. You can also showcase your products and services, share stories about your company, build an audience and run video ads to direct traffic. Videos will make it very easy to communicate on social media.

  • Understand Your Customer Journey

When you are getting video ready and preparing your platforms, it is important to know who your customers are and how they connect with your different platforms. Know what your customers are looking for and design your site flow based on the answers based on the solutions you provide.

  • Your Products Marketplace

For companies selling products and have their products on  marketplaces like Jumia, Glovo, Kilimall, Ndiema Online mall etc, you will need to have all your products displayed right. This is with good visuals and all the relevant details visible. It is also possible to run video ads sending traffic to your products page and drive new orders.

  • Create a video strategy

Based on the goals that you have set, create a video marketing strategy on how you intend to reach your audience, where to direct them and how you want them to behave when they get onto your platform. Use videos to tell your story, showcase your USPs, drive traffic to your website, show testimonials and impact. Use video to win over your audience.

  • Define Success

The next step is defining what your goals are, and what metrics will define success for you. Your metrics should be based on tangible results that you are able to track. For example, you can track the total number of sales that you made, the number of people that you intended to reach and the level of engagement you got.

Create: Make videos that your audience can connect with

  • We Record Videos For You

Save time and work with professionals at The Statesman Media. We take time to understand your project, provide you with the best videos and help you understand ways to use the videos after we make them. We are experienced and will provide you with the best service a video company can provide.

  • Do It Yourself

You can create engaging videos yourself. You can use your cellphone, tablet or laptop to create videos. Use mobile apps like Adobe Premier RushiMovie, and InShot App. Create video graphics with apps like Canva.

Distribute: Reach your audience on different platforms

  • Videos for Facebook

With Facebook, you can create a community of your brand enthusiasts. You can engage them through posts and groups, send them regular updates and also run retargeting video ads for different campaigns.

  • Videos for YouTube

Use Youtube to create long form videos and ads. You can create a series of videos with information about your product and industry. You can make different “how to” videos, “where to find” videos, new product and service updates making you a thought leader in your industry.

  • Videos for Email Campaigns

Use videos to increase your click-to-open rate for your emails. You can run multiple marketing campaigns using the same video and save the readers time. This will increase your reach and conversions.

  • Videos for Instagram

Instagram is much related to Facebook, its reach and algorithm relate in advertising. When you run ads, they are able to cross-run between platforms. Take advantage of trends and hashtags to build referrals for your brand. Instagram is very visual, you will need to create consistent visual and creative concepts

  • Videos for Presentations

Instead of spending time making powerpoint presentations, use videos to make your investor updates easy. You can also use videos to present your ideas, conduct a training and issue progress and policy reports.

  • Videos for Linkedin

Use videos on Linkedin to reach your prospects. You can use hiring videos to help applicants understand your hiring process, use brand videos to help followers learn about your brand, post USP videos to help potential leads know what makes you unique. You can also run ads on Linkedin targeting a specific audience.

Measuring: Track how your videos are performing against your goals

  • Make A/B Tests for Ads

Different Ads perform differently for different audiences. To ensure that you get the best results, always make different variations of the same video ad. You can have the same video with different sizes, length or even different text and call to actions. Use Google Optimise for Google Ads and Facebook A/B testing for Facebook.

  • Track Performance

At the end of a defined period, it is important to check your progress and evaluate the performance of your video marketing efforts. Find out how your videos performed in terms of Reach, Conversions, Engagement, Watch time and Traffic behaviour. Track performance with the analytics dashboard of your social media channel. Track your website performance with Google Analytics and ensure that your Facebook Pixel is installed correctly.